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PPA CAS ONLINE: Themed "Elegant Night: Black and Orange", Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Students Association (IPRMSA) was hailed as the body best students of the College of Arts and Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM CAS) Awards Ceremony For Services UUM CAS 2015 / 2016 which was held at the Angsana, EDC Hotels and Resorts.

The ceremony was held to honor the service and assistance provided by students and advisors from 13 associations and clubs under the auspices of UUM CAS, help the PPA CAS achieve key performance indicators (KPI) in carrying out the programs of high impact and enhance the personality Students.

Commenting on the judging AKJ 2015/2016 which evaluates all nominations for the 12 categories, said that most of the programs very impactful and significant impact on the students despite the challenges in implementing the program mainly to financial constraints. "However, most of the programs, not nominated in that category should be. There is one program that is suitable for being nominated in various categories, but the association and club not to run the program. It is hoped that the nomination be more careful so as not to mistake the nomination ", said the representative of the jury yesterday.

Individual category witnessed a member of the Association of Management Education (EDUCATION) Siti Fairuz Mohd Khalil and Anis Afiff Zunkafli respectively Hope Leadership Award and Leadership Award Best Student category. Promising Student Leadership Award while held by Mohd Asri Jaini of Counseling and Psychological Association (budget) and Muhd ​​Saiful Mu'in bin Zainal Ariffin of Multimedia Club.

In his opening speech, Dean of Student Development and Alumni, UUM CAS, Dr. Massudi Mahmuddin, congratulated the student body and their advisers to have started moving forward with programs that encourage greater impact than in previous years. "I hope that the impact of the program mainly to improve students' academic and personal development will continue in the years ahead," said Dean PPA CAS before opening the FMA 2015/2016.

Awards is the Best Student Award, Best Advocate Award, Special Award PPA Dean, Student Award and Best Student Award, Student and Student Expectations, Best Program Award; academic category, character, leadership. Also contested is the best program award category of community service, entrepreneurship newly introduced this year.

Also present were representatives of the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, advisers association, staff and Alumni Student Development Office, College of Arts and Sciences and representatives from the student body 13 under UUM CAS. This annual event is fully managed by PPA CAS staff, in collaboration with several student volunteers UUM CAS.

Congratulations to all the winners.

For the full list of recipients of services (AKJ) 2015/2016 UUM CAS is as below:



Persatuan/ Kelab

Anugerah Mahasiswa Terbaik

Muhd Saiful Mu’in bin Zainal Ariffin

Kelab Multimedia

Anugerah Mahasiswi Terbaik

Anis Afiffa Zunkafli

Persatuan Pengurusan Pendidikan

Anugerah Mahasiswa Harapan

Mohd Asri Jaini

Persatuan Kaunseling dan Psikologi (PERKAP)

Anugerah Mahasiswi Harapan

Siti Fairuz Mohd Khalil

Persatuan Pengurusan Pendidikan

Anugerah Program Terbaik (Akademik)

ASEAN Public Relation Conference (APRC 2015)

Institute Of Public Relation Malaysia  Student Association (IPRMSA)

Anugerah Program Terbaik (Sahsiah)

Creative Industry Production Training Entrepreneurship (CIPTE)

Creative Industry Association

Anugerah Program Terbaik (Kepimpinan)

ASEAN Exchange Program

Persatuan Teknologi Media (PERMEDIA)

Anugerah Program Terbaik (Khidmat Masyarakat)

UUM-JKM-IM4U Smart Partnership Home Help

Persatuan Kerja Sosial

Anugerah Program Terbaik (Keusahawanan)

Searching for Stars

English Language Society (ELC)

Anugerah Penasihat Terbaik

Dr. Syarizan Dalib

Persatuan Teknologi Media (PERMEDIA)

Anugerah Khas Dekan PPA

ASEAN Innovation On Social Sciences Exhibition & Conference 2016 (AISEC ’16)

Persatuan Pengurusan Pendidikan (PENDIDIK)

Anugerah Badan Pelajar Terbaik

Institute Of Public Relation Malaysia  Student Association (IPRMSA)

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