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Written by Super User.

WRITTEN BY ADMIN PPA CAS ON 13.                            image004

PPA CAS ONLINE – For the past few months, committee members of English Language Club (ELC) have worked tirelessly for the success of the Beauty of Peace event; with one simple yet noble goal – fostering peace among the community. It was particularly intended to spread the message of peace through various interesting programmes. Beauty of Peace programme was one of the distinctive projects organized by the English Language Club (ELC), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in collaboration with a number of Non-Government Organizations (NGO).

This programme was held in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people.

“Beauty of Peace” (BOP) consisted of 4 sub-events with the “Peace Night” as finale. In general, the BOP has gathered more than 800 participants from UUM and across the West Malaysia. According to the project Director, Miss Chieng Mong Nir, the Beauty of Peace has been organized, having the Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) to majorly assist the English Language Club (ELC), besides having the unconditional love and support from the PPA CAS team. “This event wouldn’t have been a huge success without the resources and continuous support from the PPA CAS team and SGM in particular”, said Miss Chieng Mong Nir.

The Peace Night was supported by the presence  of honourable guests such as the Dean of Student Development and Alumni Office (PPA) College of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Massudi bin Mahmuddin, honourable representatives from SGM, and ELC Club Advisor, Miss Fatin Athirah binti Fadzillah, followed by the ex-officio of the ELC. The tentative of the Peace Night has witnessed amazing singing performances from the BPO singing competition finalist, sketch performance, choir, video sharing, dancing and cultural performance, and not forgotten the lucky draw session.

The hard work of the organizing team has been paid off when all the participants were in the heat of the moment throughout the event. In addition, the event has also positively influenced the participants in different aspects. One of the positive impacts of the Peace Night was as such illustrated in Dr. Massudi bin Mahmuddin’s opening speech, as he said, “I could see this event has successfully illustrated a friendly and harmony environment between students. I believe that there will be a lot of valuable knowledge and experience being gained through this program, in which cannot be obtained by simply attending lectures.”

As we believe that good things do not stop right at the end of the event, the organizing team also intended to donate half of the monetary-profit of BOP tickets sold to orphanage and nursing home. This is intended so in order to educate our fellow undergraduates to do good and pay gratitude to others; hence, it is without doubt that Beauty of Peace has fulfilled its target as a community-based programme. Last but not least, a group of postgraduate students from the Intensive English class taught by Miss Fatin Athirah Fadzillah also came to support the undergraduates’ programme, and later produced a response-video for the BPO organizing team as a symbol to celebrate their effort. To watch the video, kindly follow the attached link:

The organizing team would like to express their sincerest gratitude towards all the participants and sponsors for their participations in making the event a reality. “What we have done on our part is just planting a seed, but we truly hope that the fruits of our labour can be well-harvested in the future”.

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