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Written by Super User.


image005PPA CAS ONLINE – The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic competition that assists current graduate students in fostering effective presentation and communication skills. Participants have just three minutes to explain the breadth and significance of their research projects to non-specialist audience. The triumph of the Malaysia 3MT competition held at the Convention Centre, Universiti Utara Malaysia earlier this year,

has inspired the final year communication students under the Persatuan Komunikasi (PERKOM), PPA CAS to organize an undergraduate event of a similar format recently. Being assisted by Dr Azlina Kamaruddin, PERKOM advisor and Miss Fatin Athirah Fadzillah, the advisor of English Language Club (ELC), the Mini-Thesis “Show-Off” Competition saw the participation of 57 undergraduates from Universiti Utara Malaysia and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.

Nur Muhammad Faiz Norbaharin, from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia was announced the first-place winner. Faiz, who presented his mini-thesis entitled “How Men and Women Differ in Communicating: A study among Faculty of Leadership and Management students”, appeared calm and bubbly. “It was a surprise as I believe the other participants did well, too,” he said. Universiti Utara Malaysia student Laily Munirah Kamarulzaman came in second and her mini-thesis was in Bahasa Melayu, entitled “Teori Penentuan Agenda dalam TPPA oleh Akhbar Berita Harian”. Laily said she intends to investigate selected newspaper articles in serving fundamentalists' goals and their hegemonic ideology. The third place award went to Danahletchimy Ganesrau from Universiti Utara Malaysia, and the fourth went to Muhammad Hanifi Shamsuddin preceded by the consolation prize given to Mohd Haniff Imran Ghazali from Universiti Utara Malaysia.

The panel of judges led by Dr Sabrina Mohd Rashid unanimously agreed that the competition was about how participants were able to deliver a clear message and how that message can then influence the audience.

Dr Azlina Kamaruddin, the advisor of PERKOM said: “It is not easy to give a presentation in three minutes because it takes longer to boil an egg. When I was in school many years ago, we had ‘essay writing’. But there was also ‘precise writing’, where you have to write precisely. In a discussion about exams, there are people who feel that the more students write, the better they would be. However, personally, I think the more you ask them to write, the more they will cut and paste. And they will not learn very much. But when you have to make things precise, it makes you understand what you try to write and later present your work to the public. And this is how we are inspired by the beauty of 3MT competition and hence decide to adapt it for the final year undergraduates. We are also blessed to have the PPA CAS family and the Dean of SMMTC who have been supporting us for the event, not to forget Miss Fatin Athirah, our junior staff who has been trained by the 3MT Malaysia organizing team for  sharing her experience with all of us here".

The project director, Ahmad Syaifuldin Sakri representing the entire Mini Thesis Show-Off Competition organizing team, later took the initiative to pay a courtesy visit to Awang Had Salleh Graduate School (AHSGS) to hand in a memento of gratitude to the Project Director and the committee members of the 3MT Malaysia. Syaifuldin was accompanied by Mohd Haniff Imran, the Mini-thesis show-off finalist and Mimi Maizatul, the English Language Club president  to meet Yang Berusaha Dr Azizi Ab Aziz, the AHSGS Deputy Dean at his office. Syaifuldin said, “The inspiring performance of the 3MT Malaysia 2016 event has significantly contributed to the successful adaptation and implementation of our mini thesis show off competition. We really look forward for more collaboration or mentoring from the graduate school in the future as we are eager to learn and improve ourselves. Having received those encouraging words from the Deputy Dean himself, has already enthused us to work harder in everything we intend to do”.

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