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Written by Amirullah Ikrami.



PPA CAS ONLINE: UUM CAS has received a total of 95 students, including 16 international students for admission Second semester 2016/2017 session. Students for entry this time consisted of students under the School of Computing (SOC), the School of quantitative (SQS), School of Multimedia Technology and Communication (SMMTC) and the School of Management and Creative Industries Performing Arts (SCIMPA).

One of the slots contained in the schedule of the orientation week to new students is the Joint Session of the Dean of Student Development and Alumni (PPA). This session aims to give students exposure to new non-academic related activities, the opportunities offered related activities whether at the local or international, and other exposures related to student.

In addition, this session also aims to give a boost to those who are new into university. In addition to the description by the Dean of the PPA, this slot is also celebrated by sharing the experiences of alumni and also a representative of the club UUM IEEE Chapter.

The session began with the sharing of experiences by UUM Alumni Dr. Hisham bin Zainal Abidin Ahmad, the Deputy Dean of the School of Management of Creative and Performing Arts Industry (SCIMPA) UUM CAS. Session for more than an hour it also attracted the attention of students when he shared the experience, the ups and downs that go before achieving success like that of today. The students were given a boost with a reminder that "we must not be afraid to dream great to be a great man today." In addition, Dr. Ahmad Hisham also share and give exposure to the students on how to use existing skills and knowledge to further develop a further stage.

This session also graced by Mr. Yousef Fazea, Club president IEEE Chapter UUM also share information on the network (network) derived from the activities organized under the association through the PPA CAS.

Next, a briefing session regarding PPA CAS conducted by the Dean of Student Development and Alumni Dr. Massudi Mahmudin. He explained to the students about the role of PPA CAS, organized activities, opportunities that can be seized by the students, mobility and so on.

Apart from the new students, this session was attended by coordinators and staff of CAS PPA.

Thank you.

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