Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Can I visit the CAS Office to get necessary information?

You may visit us at office hours (8 AM to 5 PM / Sunday to Wednesday) and (8 AM to 3.30 PM / Thursday).

2. Do you provide facilities to everyone?

We provide meeting room and equipment for UUM CAS students and staffs only.

3. Can I take my Practicum course even though I don't have enough credits?

You are NOT ALLOWED to take the Practicum course if you don't have enough credits. You have to complete all of your credits before you undergo practical training.

4. Where can I get my practicum log book?

You may get it from PPA CAS website. Click DOWNLOAD and all of important documents for practicum are there.

5. Where can I check and download the practicum placement confirmation document?

You may check it on UUM Single Sign On.

6. Who I need to refer if I have practicum-related questions to ask?

You may drop your call to Puan Siti Patimah (Practicum Administrator Officer) at patimah@uum.edu.my or 04-9285308.

7. Can I move/change to another practicum placement in the middle of my practicum period?

You can move/change your practicum placement only if you have a strong reason to do so, pay fines to Bendahari and get a permission from the Dean and Practicum Coordinator. You cannot move/change to other practicum placement without a formal letter and permission from the Dean of CAS. 

8. Can I search companies for my practicum placement by my own?

Yes you can, as long as it fulfills your requirements (depends on your course).

9. How can I check whether my subject credits are enough yet for Practicum course?

You may go to your school's main office and ask the admin/staff to check it for you or check it by online through UUM Single Sign On.

10. What are the facilities provided at UUM CAS?

We provide a meeting room and equipment such as LCD, White Screen and PA System to the users.

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