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Assoc Prof. Dr Bahtiar Mohamad

The Student Development & Alumni Office (PPA) provides various type of services to student of UUM CAS such as practicum program, mobility program, club & association consultation, student academic enhancement program, alumni and so on.

Complimenting to the regular programs of UUM CAS, Student Development & Alumni Office (PPA) assures that it will continue to strive for offering increased level of assistance in enhancing the employability skills and overall development of our students. We endeavour to rigorously assess and cater to the needs of students differing in their capacities and intelligence, and also ambitions. Continuous soft skills training, leadership and entrepreneurial skills training, and many more programs are offered regularly by us. We also enhance students’ engagement through formation, promotion, and upkeep of various student clubs whose ongoing events are interesting to watch for.

Students’ outward and inward mobility have also been our point of attention over a period of time and we expect to take it at higher level with increased possibilities and new associations with the forward looking institutions. 

PPA Office always looks forward to connecting further and strengthening its association with the alumni and the organizations they are working at. I
t would be our pleasure to hear from you about your personal and professional successes, and where you’ve been up to. Drop us a note or mail, and join us on facebook for regular updates on PPA’s upcoming events and activities. Thank you.


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